Monday, 14 July 2014

Lagos PDP asks Fashola: “Where is our $13bn?”

The Lagos State Chapter of PDP has demanded Governor Raji Fashola to explain the whereabouts of the Thirteen Billion Dollars ($13 B) lagos money that his Predecessor, Bola Tinubu, sunk into the Purported ENRON electricity Project, a Project that never saw the light of the Day due to the sudden liquidation of ENRON few weeks after the said money was purportedly expended. This is just as the Party has described governor Fashola as a Man who would conceal all the dirts and Frauds in the State, especially concerning Tinubu. The Party’s demand is a reaction to Governor fashola’s call that Lagosians should vote out PDP if they must enjoy uninterrupted electricity. The governor was reported to have made the Call at his 2600 days in Office celebration recently held at the Blueroof Hall, Ikeja. Speaking further, the Lagos State PDP wonders why Governor Fashola is always diversionary in his failure to be competent in Governance, noting that the attitude of the Governor to get merely theoretical and ordinary on issues with areas of Speciality has exposed his actual depth of knowledge. The Party thus challenges Governor Fashola to profer Engineering solutions rather than playing Politics.That will show him more as a Patriot. “It is elementary that electricity issue is Engineering and not Political. We challenge Governor Fashola to profer engineering solutions. His call is thus very misplaced. We must mention, however that Nigeria has never had this level of Electricity supply until PDP came to Power. If Governor Fashola does not appreciate this, then we sympathise with his sense of judgment. There is surely room for improvement” The Party is also quick to mention that “while Governor Fashola is in Lagos lamenting and failing in delivery of Electricity, even after the Electricity Deregulation Act of 2005, his counterparts in AkwaIbom, CrossRivers, Delta, Niger are already providing cheap and constant Electricity to their States”. Finally, the Party has berated Governor Fashola for always concentrating on attacking PDP, instead of reeling out his acclaimed achievements. “The attitude at the last Four Celebrations confirms our stance that the Programme has lost its value and is now only used to steal Lagos Tax Payers Money every 100 days”

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